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Who We Are

Cobalt Capital is a boutique private equity firm made up of former business owners and operators seeking to help private companies grow and innovate by investing our own capital and contributing our operating expertise.  The partners of Cobalt Capital have significant business and entrepreneurial experience in a wide range of disciplines, sectors and geographies, and we work closely with the companies we invest in to help them achieve their growth objectives.

At Cobalt Capital, we are guided by a few core principles.  We believe in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit as a force which drives business growth and innovation.  Our goal is to nurture and support this spirit, through providing access to capital, but also by allowing entrepreneurs to leverage our knowledge, experience and contacts to accelerate the growth of their business.  We are dedicated to a significant and meaningful level of involvement with our portfolio companies.  We don’t do this to micro-manage these businesses, or because we think we know better; we do it because we believe that ongoing, active involvement with a business is the only way to truly understand its value proposition, positioning, opportunities and key performance drivers, and we need to have a deep, evolving understanding of these things in order to help add value.  It is also our fundamental belief that success is created through continually stretching toward new standards of excellence.  We have seen this principle at work first hand in some world-class organizations that we’ve been part of, and also in our own businesses.  We want to help our portfolio companies maintain these standards, or assist them in reaching this level.  Finally, we strive to measure ourselves against exacting standards of conduct, and are committed to dealing with others honestly, fairly, respectfully and with the highest standards of integrity.

At Cobalt Capital, our mission is to be the partner of choice for small to medium sized businesses who need capital to grow and active support to get there.



Cobalt Capital Inc. is a management company providing management services to Cobalt Capital Partners, L.P. in respect of its investing activities. The officers of Cobalt Capital Inc. are also partners of Cobalt Capital Partners, L.P. and its general partner, Cobalt Capital Management GP, L.P.