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What Makes Us Different

Private equity has become a pretty cluttered marketplace. There are numerous firms offering numerous financing options. What makes Cobalt Capital different?

An Operating Focus: Our experience comes from a distinctly operating perspective. We are not investment bankers or financial industry intermediaries. We’ve spent most of our time in the day-to-day operating environment of businesses with a lot of characteristics that are similar to the ones in which we look to invest. We’ve had to project manage product launches, keep tabs on, and motivate sales forces, design and implement business systems, build, defend and execute operating budgets, open and close plants and make big bets on new lines of business. This experience causes us to look at investments - and their possibilities - a bit differently.

Varied Skills: Our team brings a varied and complimentary skill-set and background to bear on our investments. We have significant experience in sales, marketing, engineering, operations, financial management, legal, M&A and IT. One of our partners is a true entrepreneur, having built a leading consumer products business, which served some of the world’s major retailers, from scratch to $75 million in annual sales. We’ve conducted business all over the world: in Canada, the US, Mexico, Europe, and China. Our goal is to give our portfolio companies the benefit of these skills and experiences, and the network of contacts that comes with them, to help grow their business.

A Desire to Work With You: Given our collective background and experience, we are active investors. We would not be content to see you only occasionally for a quarterly review. We are prepared to give our investments much more attention than that, because we truly believe that we can help you add value.

We Invest Our Own Money: At Cobalt Capital, the committed capital comes from the people you will be dealing with. There are no outside unit holders and no investment committees. The capital invested comes from the same people who manage the investment. We believe that this aligns our interests more closely with yours. There is no distance between the people who understand your business and the people providing the capital. There can be no outside pressure on investment activities or time horizons.

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Cobalt Capital Inc. is a management company providing management services to Cobalt Capital Partners, L.P. in respect of its investing activities. The officers of Cobalt Capital Inc. are also partners of Cobalt Capital Partners, L.P. and its general partner, Cobalt Capital Management GP, L.P.