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Investment Philosophy

At Cobalt Capital, we believe that our investments will only succeed if our interests are aligned with our investment partners, and only if we all work together in a spirit of true partnership.

We believe that successful partnerships are developed over time, by confronting and overcoming challenges together. It takes time and effort to create these kinds of bonds. It requires both sides to treat each other honestly and fairly, have shared goals and interests, and a respect for, and a desire to learn from, each other’s specific and varied experiences. We start laying the foundation for this partnership on day one of our interaction with you, through the process of reviewing the investment, through our negotiation of the investment terms, through due diligence and closing, and onward as we start working together to realize the opportunities. We recognize that this process is just as much about you being comfortable with us as partners as it is about us confirming the merits of the investment, and we recognize that once our investment closes we share with you the obligations of working to make the enterprise successful.

Because we look at all our investments as partnerships, and because we are prepared to share responsibility with you for the business’ successes and failures, when you need us to, we will roll up our sleeves and get involved. We believe that additional value can be created this way. We have experiences, successes and failures, and lessons learned from them, to share and we believe that when we work together like this, we can significantly advance the company’s development.

If you are simply looking for money, we are likely not the solution for you. There are plenty of other sources of financing out there who will be content to limit their involvement with you to a meeting every quarter or so. That is not our approach. If you are an entrepreneur or an owner/operator with some growth prospects in front of you and you want something a bit more that just financing, if you are open to the prospect that interacting with a group of people who have done a variety of things in a variety of functions in a variety of sectors might accelerate your success rate, and if there is a chance that your business might benefit from working in partnership with people who want to add value by getting involved, then we are the solution you should be considering.



Cobalt Capital Inc. is a management company providing management services to Cobalt Capital Partners, L.P. in respect of its investing activities. The officers of Cobalt Capital Inc. are also partners of Cobalt Capital Partners, L.P. and its general partner, Cobalt Capital Management GP, L.P.