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With over 25 years of experience and with offices located in Toronto and Las Vegas, Pyrotek is an award winning special effects company providing full service, innovative design and execution of visionary special effects for live productions, including stadium and arena tour productions, award shows, festivals and live television productions. Pyrotek provides full service for North American and World Tours, from working with artists on the design of the show to providing dedicated, licensed technicians to continue working with artists day to day while on tour to ensure that the effects are safely and professionally executed. Along with special effects, Pyrotek's sister companies, Laser Design Productions and Aqua Visual FX, provide breathtaking laser and water screen effects. More information about Pyrotek, Laser Design Productions and Aqua Visual FX can be found at:



Cobalt Capital Inc. is a management company providing management services to Cobalt Capital Partners, L.P. in respect of its investing activities. The officers of Cobalt Capital Inc. are also partners of Cobalt Capital Partners, L.P. and its general partner, Cobalt Capital Management GP, L.P.